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umi Digital Tackles Blindness Around the World in The City Race

12 July 2013


Yesterday evening, 11th July 2013, one of the hottest evenings of the year so far, 8 of our Umi Digital team set out on one of the most challenging missions of their careers so far, running 5km. Along with 6,000 other employees from City companies, our team were running to raise money for ‘Seeing is Believing’, a charity helping to tackle avoidable blindness around the world.

From a torn hamstring to being Enochlophobic (fear of crowds), the excuses why the team couldn’t run came raining down on the office for the whole day. However with a few hours to go until the race was going to start, the team had resigned itself to defeat over the matter and were even setting targets of how quickly they wanted to run the race. Steve aimed for 25 minutes and missed out on his goal by 3 seconds, he claims due to people walking and getting in the way but we’re not so sure! However Steve was content when he found out he had beaten both newsreader Chris Hollins and Cricketing hero Mike Gatting. Sophia aimed for 35 minutes and finished it in 32 minutes, however she was beaten by just a second by Josie, even though they did not see each other for the whole of the race, only 3 places separated them at the end.


The City Race in Three Words


Sophia: “crowded, good cause”

Steve: “fun, challenging, enjoyable”

Josie: “great sights, lush”

Laurence: “Fantastic but shattering”

Marc: “Glad I Survived”


We have raised almost £100 so far and it would be great if you could donate for a great cause to help us reach our target of £150.

You can donate here.

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