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Umi Digital vs The World

19 July 2013


On Saturday (13/07/2013), the Umi Digital team participated in the ‘Undiscovered London’ National Hostel Cup football tournament, an event to raise money for ‘Kids Company’, a charity which works therapeutically with young children. Legs aching from having recently participated in the Great City Race the previous Thursday (, the team were tired but optimistic.

The team changed into their baby blue kits and mandatory shin guards, had a quick stretch, a sip of water and they were off!

NHC team photo

Kick off for the tournament was 14:00 at the City Power League venue not far from Liverpool Street, under a blistering sun (made all the more hot under the venue’s netting). Umi Digital dominated their first game with the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) or ‘the Super Tramps’ as they were called on the day, with a 2-1 win. Their next game, against Gen 95 (Generator Hostels) didn’t go as well with their opponents scoring 3-2 against Umi. Their last deciding game against the Hatters was a difficult one, indeed. Hatters were a well-oiled team and managed to score seven goals to Umi’s one.

Despite the royal beating, Umi made it into the quarter finals and the nail-biting ‘sudden death’ section of the tournament. A short break and a good team talk later was all that was needed to get Umi’s act together. Umi Digital played against Goals Generator, winning 3-1 showing great team work. The win secured Umi’s opportunity to play another game against a new opponent. After some discussion and decision making from the refs, Gen 95 came onto the track. ‘We beat them before!’ Gen 95 exclaimed. Umi were keen to turn this around in this, their second game against Gen. The first half looked promising; Umi had Generator ‘on the ropes’ with a 1-0 scoreline. However, an accidental own goal from Umi turned things around and by the ref’s whistle, Generator had won with a 3-1 score.

For the cup final, the feisty Gen 95 team faced the machine that is the Hatters. Both were worthy opponents but only one team could go on to win the cup and in the end, it was the Hatters who were victorious.
Congratulations, guys! Well deserved!

Hatters take the cup

So in conclusion, whilst Umi might have lacked the necessary skills to be a successful football team (this year), Umi certainly gave their opponents a ‘run for their money’ and we helped to raise £400 for Kids Company in the process. Next year, that cup is ours!

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