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The rise of mobile internet users

26 July 2013


The mobile populations has continued to grow and it’s now at a point where we just can’t ignore it any longer. Smartphone users are growing at an astounding rate and with them the amount of visits sites are receiving from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website yet, now is the time to start taking actions.


The Incredible Growth of Mobile

Mobile internet use has been growing constantly since the introduction of the smartphone, but with websites becoming more mobile friendly and the introduction of apps, it’s starting to take over the internet world. In 2012, global mobile data traffic grew with 70% and smartphone usage grew with 81%. If this trend continues it will only be a short time before people surf the internet on their mobile devices more often than on their desktop.


Go Mobile or Lose Sales

If people cannot view or navigate through your website easily and fast when accessed through a mobile device, they will simply just leave. The key point of mobile usage is quick and easy access to information wherever you are. With the mobile demographic growing this fast, that will mean a lot of missed opportunities and sales that your company could be profiting from.


Local Info

Local info is becoming increasingly important. People are surfing the internet while they are at or on their way to their destination. It’s becoming more important to be active on mobile apps and websites such as Foursquare and Layar. Your competition will be there and if you aren’t, you can probably guess who they will choose.


Buying and Booking on the Go

Now they have all they need in their pockets, people don’t need to plan so far in advance anymore. They can simply book the hotel for their next destination or a table at their favorite restaurant on their mobile phone while in the train or taxi. As a hotel or restaurant you need to make sure that your booking engine is mobile friendly too!


Overall, mobile users are starting to dominate the online demographic and if your website isn’t ready to handle that demand your business will suffer. By implementing mobile accessibility to your website and using the correct social media networks for mobile users your business can be a success.

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