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Sober for October is over!

01 November 2013


Sober for October is over and we will celebrate it with a beer tonight!

Taking part in Sober for October within the office has created an environment at umi which has kept everyone strong and sticking to the goal of not drinking within the month of October! By creating a team page on, umi Digital has raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Josie, a member of our umi Digital team, felt that taking part in Sober for October was “tough, yet rewarding, especially since Saturday mornings left her feeling fresh!”

Sophia, our Office Manager said: “We’re really pleased that we can do something small like this which actually benefits our health, and in turn, benefits other people and their own health. It personally makes me feel as if we’re doing something worthwhile.”

We’re proud to say that we have raised £50.00 for Macmillan! Thank you very much for every kind donation that we’ve received.  This month is over,  But, why not host your own company’s Sober month next month, e.g. Sober for November donating proceeds to Macmillan! You will be contributing to people in need, and it will make you healthier. Christmas/December is round the corner after all and we all need to prepare for the food and alcohol that comes hand in hand with this time of the year!

About Sober for October: Sober for October is a charity event where proceeds are put towards Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan Cancer Support helps improve the lives of people affected by cancer. The charity gave incentives at the beginning of October to stick to a one month of no drinking challenge.

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