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Social Media Strategy (Part 3)  

07 May 2014


Chances are you have integrated social media into your marketing strategy. Social media has become so important to businesses that many have created a social media strategy alongside their marketing strategy, but the question remains; is it effective?

This blog will show you how to implement your social media strategy effectively in only three steps. This week’s blog will tell you all about the third and last step in the strategy, which is to measure, monitor and get momentum.

Measure, Monitor and Get Momentum: Analyse the Results

After you put your new social media into practice wait about two months and then schedule in an evaluation session. This is a really important step so don’t put off analysing your results! Social feed tools like Social Sprout will send you a monthly or weekly report with statistical information to help you see how you’re doing, so schedule in a meeting every month or two. In the meeting:

Measure, Monitor and Get Momentum: Make Sure You’re Being True to Your Assessment

It’s important to keep an eye on your social media strategy in a ‘big picture’ sort of way. Schedule in a session 6 months or a year later so you can look back at your earlier Assessments to make sure that you are being true to your audience and to ensure you are still focusing on your theme. For example, if you said previously that customer loyalty is important to you, but six or twelve months down the line, you’re not doing anything to keep your customers loyal, obviously something went awry along the way. Maybe it was a breakdown in communication. Maybe a responsible team member left, and that sort of dropped off the radar. Whatever the reason, this meeting is a chance to re-group and make sure you are pointing your businesses’ social media in the right direction.

Additionally, on meeting, you may find that your company’s direction has changed. This may be the chance for you to re-assess and therefore amend your previous social strategy.

In conclusion, everybody’s social media strategy will look different from one another; you should really know what your company is about and sell that to your audience. Social media takes time, but it’s worth it.

If you have any tips for us, please leave a comment, we would love to hear about your social media strategy!


Courtesy of Social Media Examiner.

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