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The importance of sharing great photos

10 April 2013


It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. Of course, you can tell people about the amazing atmosphere in your restaurant or the beautiful view from your hotel, but nothing shows it off better than a beautiful photo. Here are three reasons why you should start sharing great photos:


Short, shorter, shortest

With the introduction of social media, people are starting to get used to super short, clear messages. There are some exceptions, but overall people will reach for the “x” when they come across a very long online text. So how do you let people know what you have to offer if you can only use a small amount of text? It’s not hard to guess, let your photos do the talking! Show them your amazing food, your beautiful sea view and your friendly, smiling staff. Check out the websites of some of the big players, such as Starbucks, Nike and Coca Cola. You’ll see that there’s hardly any text on the website, but the photos make you want to buy their products anyway!


Beautiful photos are becoming the norm

Cameras are getting better, cheaper and easier to use, which means that it’s not only professional photographers who can take those crisp, beautiful photos you used to only find in the magazines. Your customers are taking better photos than ever and it’s only fair that they expect you to do the same. Make sure your photos are crisp, clear and appealing and show off your products the best way you can. Not a great photographer? Hire someone who is! We promise you, it’s worth the investment.


Social media platforms are giving you a place to shine

The first platform who started to show photos in a very prominent way was Google+. Photos were shown bigger and clearer than ever and now Facebook is following in their footsteps. After the Newsfeed Update, photos (and videos) will get a place to shine like never before. Grab this opportunity and start impressing your followers with some mouth-watering, jealous-making or jaw-dropping photos!

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