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Growth-Driven Design for Hotels

The Launch Pad

Phase Two

Your Launch Pad website is a fully functioning website that focuses on the core of your business and serves as the foundation for future optimisation. The goal of the Launch Pad website is to launch a website that looks and performs better than your current one in a fraction of the time.


  • A basic working prototype of your new site will be made.
  • This contains the main pages and the must-have features which were decided upon in the group brainstorming session.
  • This prototype is used to give you an idea of the layout and functionality of your new site.

Content Review

  • Focussing your Content – Taking the content of your existing website and focussing it based on the buyer personas and fundamental assumptions.
  • This will identify any gaps in the existing content.
  • New content can be created to fill these gaps based on the website strategy.

Information Architecture

  • A site map showing the complete structure of your new site will be created for your approval.
  • At this stage, we will also send you a selection of pages which have been styled according to the brief.


  • Based on the feedback form, the sitemap and styled pages, the entire site will be designed and styled accordingly.
  • These designs will be sent for approval and feedback.
  • Any changes will be made and reviewed. Once signed off, we are ready to move into development and build the fully functioning website.


  • We will develop the modules which form the building blocks of your website.
  • This modular system means your website will be infinitely flexible. Modules can be rearranged to change page layouts or easily create entirely new pages.
  • We use superior quality code to build your website. This makes it lightning-fast and optimised for SEO.


  • The required modules will be added to the website pages to build the layout of each page.
  • Redirects will be set-up to direct traffic from your existing site to your new one seamlessly.
  • Images will be optimised for quality and page load speed.
  • Effective metadata will be added to each page for effective SEO.
  • Thorough quality assurance tests are carried out to ensure everything is in place and running the way it should.


  • At this point, your new website is ready to launch!

The Strategy Stage

Phase One

Continuous Improvement

Phase Three

How can we help?

Within 24 hours, one of our hotel marketing experts will follow up with you to discuss your project!