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Website for a Small Business | The Key to Success for Independent Hotels

15 March 2024


Are you looking for ways to effectively build a website for a small business?


Your website is often the first look at your hotel for potential guests — a window into what they can expect when they visit. That’s why it’s essential to make sure it’s captivating, streamlined and user-friendly, maximising your online potential and securing those all-important bookings.


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The Importance of Building a Website for a Small Business

Establishing an effective website for a small business is imperative for maximising your online potential, and ensuring your business is visible to a wider audience. 


With search engine optimisation, your business can reach potential customers, while a seamless website can boost brand recognition. 


Consistency in your online presence guarantees that both new and existing customers can quickly find answers to common queries, and easily make reservations.


This convenience can lead to an increase in revenue through direct bookings, reducing the need for online travel agents (OTAs).

Maximising Your Online Potential | Building a Website for a Small Business

Having a strong digital strategy can help you to optimise your website for a small business.


Ensuring that your website is compatible on all devices can not only increase site visits, but also the length of time a customer stays on your site, increasing the likelihood of them making a booking. 


A significant portion of customers tend to browse via mobile devices. So, ensuring a smooth experience and user-friendly design is crucial for capturing those bookings.


A website for a small business should be visually appealing, informative and straightforward, and easy to navigate. Streamlining your booking system will also encourage visitors to book directly.


You can streamline processes by minimising the clicks required to complete a reservation, and offering multiple payment gateways for convenience. The fewer steps to checkout, the higher the chance of keeping your visitor’s attention, and securing their custom.

Feedback From Guests 

As a small business, it’s important to build a strong online reputation. 


Encouraging guests to leave positive reviews of their experience on your website will provide potential customers with insight into your business, creating a level of trust. 


Reviews are a good way to build credibility and authenticity — and can improve visibility of your website on search engines. 


Gathering valuable feedback from guests will help you to understand areas of improvement for your business. It can also highlight where you’re succeeding, ensuring you maximise this and use it to your advantage.


Having a host of reviews will set you apart from your competitors, helping you stand out from the crowd; customers are more likely to choose a brand with a substantial amount of positive reviews.

How Umi Digital Can Promote Your Website for a Small Business

Our bespoke website development service can help take your digital presence to a new level. 


With a user-centric process, we can help you build your brand based on your business goals.


During your initial meeting with our Umi team, we’ll review vital information to determine commercial goals, objectives, and responsibilities of your business. 


Cross-device compatibility works to ensure your website is running seamlessly across devices, whilst a data-driven design is based on information gathered across our network.


Integrations with third party websites such as tracking and booking engines allows us to view competitors, and advise you on how best to optimise your content and boost revenue.

The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is essential for building a memorable website for a small business.


Laying out the foundations of your brand by defining key elements and rules is the key to consistency. At Umi, we can help create modular structure and style guides, based on your practices, to reinforce your identity. 


Setting a particular style and image for your website helps it to be recognised and remembered by your target audience. 


Get in contact with a member of our team today to discover how we can help build your website. 


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