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Real World AI: How to Use Tech to Improve Your Hotel

20 March 2024


Are you looking to explore how the use of real world AI can improve your business? 


With AI dominating the headlines, and Chat GPT reaching over 100 million users, we’re exploring how AI can help your hotel. 


Keep reading to find out more:

What is Real World AI?

Real world AI is the practical application of artificial intelligence in everyday situations to resolve real-life problems.


The focus of using AI in real-world scenarios is to improve decision making, reduce expenses, enhance user experiences and increase productivity. 


This remarkable technology is taking the world by storm, and empowers machines to make their own decisions — minimising the reliance on human intervention.

The Use of Real World AI in Hospitality 

AI in hospitality can help to streamline processes and improve the overall customer experience. 


This can have a positive  impact on various aspects of your business, including:



The hospitality industry is known for its commitment to providing the best possible customer experiences, and incorporating real world AI into your practices can be a significant step to enhancing these.


A chatbot feature on your hotel’s website offers guests and site visitors instant responses to their queries. Providing immediate responses to booking-related questions and commonly asked queries, can boost customer satisfaction by ensuring concerns are resolved quickly and in a satisfactory manner.

Personalising the Guest Experience With Real World AI

Using real world AI in your business can improve your guest experience and drive revenue. 


By analysing data and individual preferences, AI has the ability to generate tailored marketing campaigns and promotions to encourage customer engagement and loyalty.


Targeted campaigns based on customer preferences creates a personalised feel for guests, instilling a sense of appreciation. 


These campaigns can also be used to acknowledge customers’ previous stays, and thank them for their custom with personalised discounts and exclusive offers.

Digital Amenities

AI-driven smart room controls provide the means to adjust lighting, room temperature and in-room entertainment  systems at the touch of a button. 


Digitising amenities allows guests to control functions within their room, personalising their settings to create a comfortable stay with ease.


These features are also beneficial for guests who may have mobility issues, creating an accessible environment.


AI can also record guests’ room preferences to replicate this for future visits, making a memorable experience.

Benefits of AI in Hospitality

Adopting AI systems into your hotel can help to save your staff time, and optimise your resources.


With facial recognition technology and online systems, AI can assist with the checking-in process. Guests can check in virtually without the need for physical keys and ID cards, creating a seamless experience and reducing wait times/queues in reception. 


This not only saves time for guests, but can be beneficial for those arriving later in the evening.

Using AI to Identify Areas of Improvement

Analysing guest reviews with the use of AI can help hotels identify areas of improvement, and streamline changes to improve the overall guest experience. 


Actioning feedback from guests can lead to positive reviews and referrals, along with potential repeat business. 

Revenue Management With Real World AI 

AI generated algorithms can be a valuable tool for analysing booking trends and pricing strategies of competitors, to ensure your hotel’s pricing remains competitive. 


These algorithms can continuously analyse market demands and other influential factors to optimise room rates and create dynamic pricing strategies.


Influential factors such as local concerts, sporting events and annual occurrences, such as graduation ceremonies, can spike an increase in demand for hotel rooms.


AI can also predict future demand for hotel rooms to help businesses proactively adjust their rates. This prevents overbooking and underpricing compared to competitors, ensuring you’re maximising your potential revenue. 

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