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Hotel Price Checker | Discover Our New Price Comparison Tool

07 April 2024


Are you looking to boost your direct bookings?


At Umi, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new hotel price checker, Price Peek.


Read our blog to discover how our new price checking tool can help you reach your full booking potential, and increase your revenue…

Launch of Our Hotel Price Checker

We’ve been hard at work developing Price Peek, our new hotel price checker feature. 


Maintaining consistent rates across various booking channels is crucial for a successful direct booking strategy. 


With technology at our fingertips, guests of today are often savvy price comparers, checking multiple sources before making a reservation. 


With Price Peek, we’ve made it easier for guests to compare live prices from different sources in one convenient place. 


This streamlined process encourages guests to compare prices, and book directly through your website.

Benefits of Using a Hotel Price Checker

Using a hotel price checker provides your guests with a sense of transparency, as it actively shows prices from other booking engines such as and Expedia


This saves your guests time searching around to compare prices, and helps to build trust with your guests, confirming that you’re consistently showing competitive rates.


Our price-checking tool can help with price match guarantees, assuring your guests that they’re getting the best deal by booking directly with you. 


This tool can also be used to maximise the efficiency of your reservation process.


By allowing your guests to customise their search options, such as room upgrades, double beds, room views and additional services, this enhances the booking experience and provides a convenient way for your guests to find the right room for their stay.


Booking through your hotel’s official website provides guests with trust and security, as it’s directly associated with the business. 


The price comparison tool reassures guests that they’re paying on a secure platform, and that their data is protected.

Increasing Direct Bookings

Offering special incentives such as discounts, room upgrades and complimentary amenities can encourage your potential guests to book directly with you. 


Integrating a loyalty program into your booking system allows guests to redeem loyalty points and access member-exclusive rates. 


Rewarding your guests for booking directly encourages them to return to your hotel, and to use your loyalty program.

Price Peek | Data Capture 

Price Peek works to simplify data capture and the management of guest relationships.


Insights provided by Price Peek allow you to make informed decisions, and keep your prices competitive. 


Integrating this system into your CRM and data capture strategy helps to pull data with an easy sign-up flow and provide personalised incentives to guests.


Our new feature synchronises to a local database to offer live rate comparisons, ensuring consistent and competitive deals.

Streamlining the Booking Process

A price comparison tool can provide a seamless transition from reviewing room rates to securing a booking.


Having a comparison on website rates in one place, directly on your hotel website, minimises the number of steps that a guest needs to go through to complete their booking. 


This will also encourage guests to confirm their stay with you directly instead of going to a separate website to complete this step. 


A live hotel price checker tool will also display active room availability and pricing information, ensuring that guests are receiving the room they’ve requested. 


A hotel price comparison tool can enhance the overall direct booking experience, making it convenient and attractive for potential guests. 


This can increase revenue, encourage repeat bookings, and reduce dependency on third-party booking sites.


If you’d like to find out more about our new hotel price checker, please contact a member of our team, or book a 30-minute meeting to discuss pricing and implementation.

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