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Growth-Driven Design for Hotels

Continuous Improvement

Phase Three

Ongoing optimisation is a key part of any successful website. By constantly testing and tweaking it, you can ensure that you’re maximising your revenue potential. Our ongoing optimisation service offers a proven methodology for increasing revenue through split testing and ideas generated across different departments. This approach reduces reactive changes and allows you to focus on proactive optimisation that delivers results. We have three packages available to suit your business needs.

The cycle of optimisation

Fast, Faster, Fastest



  • Create a wishlist of ideas on how we would improve different KPIs



  • Organise the wishlist based on Potential, Impact and Ease (P.I.E.)


Split Testing

  • Test the allocated tasks against the previous solution and specific KPI



  • Analyse tests and implement successful results into code base

Continuous Improvement Wishlist

With a launchpad site live and collecting user data, you can start identifying the high-impact actions you can take to grow your business.

Your wishlist is a collection of all the features and ideas discussed in the group brainstorm, which did not get included. All marketing ideas that are discussed on monthly calls are also added to the wishlist. This can be anything from small design tweaks to major new functionality. The list regularly undergoes prioritisation using our P.I.E ranking system to order from high-impact to low-impact items.

Wishlist items are actioned in monthly “sprint” cycles. The number of optimisations that can be achieved are determinant on the package that has been selected. Fast, Faster or Fastest. All items which can not be completed in the current cycle will be kept on the wishlist and reviewed in the next cycle

Monthly Report

At the end of each month, we sit down and assess how the previous month went. The report includes a detailed analysis of the performance of tests and improvements, as well as a status update on current improvements. By taking the time to reflect on our progress and identify what has worked and what hasn’t, we are able to keep moving forward in our optimisation journey.

Plan New Cycle

  • Reviewing the current wishlist items
  • Adding new items to the wishlist and prioritising them
  • Deciding which items to be actioned in the next sprint cycle and planning how to implement

The Strategy

Phase One

The Launch Pad

Phase Two

How can we help?

Within 24 hours, one of our hotel marketing experts will follow up with you to discuss your project!