About us

Umi Digital was founded in 2010 and was built with the specific aim of helping hospitality businesses increase their revenue through direct sales from the internet.

It’s pronounced “oo-me”, not U.M.I.

Umi in Japanese
Umi, ocean

The name Umi (pronounced “oo-me“), derives from the Japanese word for ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ and, for us, is steeped in symbolism that drives what we do.

You see, the ocean is the fabric that connects the world, touching the border of every continent on earth. It is the original connector of people and the biggest source of adventure and mystery. From Christopher Columbus’ excursion to exotic foreign lands to Jacques Cousteau’s expeditions along the mysterious ocean floor, the ocean has always united humanity and ignited the imagination.

Today, the internet is in many ways the modern equivalent of the ocean – the most modern connector of people and biggest source of wonder and imagination, it is also a vast and potentially treacherous frontier for the majority of people.

Our mission is to guide you safely through the waves and help you get to where you want to be by using technology a a facilitator.

How can we help?

Umi Digital can provide your hospitality business with a full service marketing solution; from a stunning bespoke website on our leading edge hotel marketing platform to our innovative traffic generation and content marketing. Our unrivalled focus on the hospitality sector (Hotels, Hostels and Restaurants) enables us to increase your direct bookings and generate a new level of profitability for your business.


Who-mi? Meet the core team

Harry Fielder
Managing Director
Steve Lowy
Co-Founder & Director
Tina Hutber
Head of Marketing
Dana Wildschrei
Operations Manager
Michael Lau
Junior Developer
Luke Bishop
Sales and Marketing