“One of the biggest hostel marketing errors you could make in 2017 would be to forget email marketing. The fact remains that email still has one of the highest ROI’s”

The use of content marketing and its importance does not decrease whether you are dealing with a hotel or hostel. The fact of the matter is that Content Marketing still carries the greatest ROI out of all Marketing Strategies, with no signs of slowing down.

Think about your hostel and place yourself in your client’s shoes, would you be more likely to respond to a phone call or an email? Use this as a great way to help tame and target your marketing strategies.

The team here at Umi are content marketing experts and can help you to design and develop any content marketing materials you create. Once created any content marketing services which have been set up act as a great way to attract new clients as well helping to maintain that crucial rapport with existing clients, overall increasing their loyalty to your hostel and its brand. This will mean the chances of existing customers re-booking your hostel increase.

Did you know that a 2017 based statistic showed that “73% of all millennials see email as the optimal measure of communication”? Get in contact with the Umi team today and get content marketing into your strategy today!


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