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Hubspot and Umi Partnership

Umi Digital has become an Agency Partner of HubSpot.

Why HubSpot and Umi?

HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. It is widely considered the best in class system for end-to-end CRM, sales and marketing which is why we have made the exciting decision to partner up, become part of a select group of premium agencies and bring the power of HubSpot to hotels to drive direct bookings. The core benefits of being partnered with a company such as HubSpot are:

Rigorous onboarding

The partner program requires agencies to complete a rigorous set of onboarding tasks that equip all the team members with all the expertise to make the very best of the software. The hundreds of hours of tutorials, tests, and accreditations leave us in a position where we can tailor the perfect solution to each and every hotel so that the sales and marketing funnel is finely tuned to capture and nurture leads from ‘look to book’.

Technical expertise

While the out-the-box HubSpot tools bring huge benefits to marketing departments and can be tailored extensively through the online dashboard, it is when we look under the hood and understand the true power of the API that the hotel specific applications become hugely exciting. This expertise brings us the exciting capability to combine one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools in existence with the very heart of hotel software, the PMS.

Holistic application across all digital touchpoints
The starting point for the majority of booker journeys starts with the hotel website. It is at this point that we start learning about and truly understanding our guest, right down to their search terms, page clicks and even interests. Our decade of experience in delivering highly converting websites for hotels can now be personalised by connecting to an extensive HubSpot database of real people; previous guests or new prospects.

The Inbound Methodology

For the first time, Umi is now able to holistically engineer the perfect guest booking journey from the first digital touchpoint all the way through to the nurturing of historical guests to become brand ambassadors and loyal guests. We have closed the direct booking look from discovery to loyalty.

In today’s world, there’s a belief that in order to do business well, you have to be ruthless and cutthroat; you have to pop up in people’s face with the best offer and deal. As sales and marketing professionals, we are judged on our ability to convert at a better rate than last month. This forces Hotels to make short-term sales and marketing decisions rather than focussing on nurturing long-term relationships. The guest is more empowered than ever before when making their buying decision and have all the information at their disposal already, so it is essential that the sales process bring something more to the table.

Inbound holds at its heart the goal of helping prospects by providing them helpful contextual content at exactly the right time and matches the question being asked. By focusing on what motivates your audience and having the expertise to solve for their needs, you become a resource. A resource that people can then learn to trust.

How could this help my Hotel?

Accelerated lead generation

The email sign up form on websites converts at a negligible rate, meaning that databases are shrinking or remaining static at best – by delivering personalised content which helps and adds value to the guest converts at around 2-4% by using smart CTAs. With the average site on the Umi network generating around 10,000 visits per month, that’s nearly 40 warm leads per month that can be nurtured and converted!

Consideration of parts of the purchase journey

Not everyone is ready to book right this instance, the purchase decision can vary in length but is not likely to always be a snap decision, especially the further up the luxury scale you go. If there are no smaller conversion points in place, these visitors are largely lost with no promise or indication of when they will return. As hotel marketers, we need to take responsibility for this large band of ‘nearly ready’ customers and take more control of the decision make process. To do this, we need to be creating smart CTAs that convert at a lower commitment point than a booking.

Onsite dynamic personalisation

In the vast majority of hotels, the website looks identical to each and every user. As marketers, we spend so much of our time developing buyer personas, creating segmentation strategies and tailoring our marketing message to different guests. Why then do we not ensure our website messaging is personalised? Through a careful integration between HubSpot and the website, we can achieve just that.

Highly personalised guest communications

Beyond the first name of your CRM contact, how personalised are your messages? Based on our experiences, the level of personalisation in hotel marketing is low at best. The inbound methodology roots itself in delivering contextual content that is of value to the prospect so we need to acknowledge that different guests need different information sent to them! This can be informed by a number of variables: they website behaviour, their historical stays at the hotel, the adverts they have clicked, the search terms they have entered and much more.

Deep integration with PMS

The holy grail of inbound sales in hotels is connecting all the above to the PMS via an API. With modern a PMS this should be possible and will change your marketing to the degree that fire changed humanity. Conversion rates between an informed marketing message and a hit and hope mass-mailer are chalk and cheese and have the capacity to significantly alter the direct business approach in your hotel