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Hotel Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising that generates reliable traffic and increases conversions

Digital Advertising with Umi Digital

Should you be running a paid search campaign in for your hotel? The answer is almost certainly yes. By using Pay Per Click (PPC) in your hotel marketing strategy, you will be increasing your website traffic by delivering adverts to users based on search criteria. You have total control over these adverts, whether they are on Google or other social channels and we will work closely together to decide what they are going to say, where they are shown, who they are shown to and how much you should invest to achieve your direct booking goals.

Due to this granular level of control, we are also able to track and measure performance to ensure each campaign is profitable and achieving ROI. We do this through specific e-commerce tracking and through using the social media pixels to analyse a visitors journey from the first touch point to the final purchase.

Umi Digital will create these targeted paid campaigns with the correct keywords delivered to the right people with engaging content. The tracking will then ensure your campaigns reach the right audience and are monitored on a regular basis to maintain ROI and deliver more direct room bookings for your hotel.

Free Paid Media Audit with Umi Consultant

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