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Digital Advertising for Hotels and Travel

Digital Advertising with Umi Digital

Digital Advertising in the hospitality space is essential. Where competition between hotels, and indeed with the Online Travel Agents is so fierce, it becomes even more important to be the brand that the guest sees or thinks of when they are looking to book their trip.

With Umi’s Digital Advertising package we will make sure that you are covered across a range of different digital advertising methods and generate cost-effective and relevant traffic to your website.


Why: Search advertising allows you to target potential guests as they are searching for a keyword or phrase that you are interested in.

This works well because you are ensuring that the user is seeing your website when they are interested in a relevant service!

How:Search advertising operates using a Pay Per Click (PPC) model. We research and set up a list of search terms that people will enter whilst considering your offering, these could be general, brand-specific or niche-specific.

We will then set up a series of ads to show the user relevant content and a relevant landing page on your site to ensure they have the best chance of becoming a guest.

We run our campaigns based on return on ad spend (ROAS) so we make sure that the campaigns are worth your while.


Why: Interest-based or contextual display advertising allows you to target pages that may be being visited by potential guests with visually led advertising.

These guests will be exposed to your brand throughout the research phase of the sales process which will make the conversion more likely as they progress through the sales funnel.

How: Using Contextual targetting or Remarketing lets your ads reach web pages with content that compliments your service offering, making users think about you with context that encourages them to buy


Why: Social media is used by more than half the world and is a fantastic way to reach people at all stages of the buying cycle.

We can target people based on niche interests, or the products they are seen as being in the market for.

How: Using Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, along with your stunning photography, we can put together structured and well timed campaigns that will drive new guests to your hospitality or travel business.


Why: Remarketing is an amazing method of building brand recall and can be great for converting guests who are aware of the hotel. These are the ads that follow you around the internet, through display ads on news websites, instagram product ads or even changing how much you are willing to bid on a return visitor for a search ad.

We love using responsive remarketing for brand building as it allows us to show different adverts to different users depending on how they’ve interacted with the website.

How: We place users into audience baskets, segmented by how they’ve used the website. To do this we look at micro-conversions; these are signals that a user is interested, such as downloading a brochure, checking prices or even looking at a certain page.

Once we have these audience groups set up, we create relevant adverts to each group and subsequently target them via Search and Display advertising.

Tell us about what you want to achieve with Digital Advertising?

Umi digital has created campaigns like this for numerous clients. With a dedicated account manager who will be able to create a bespoke strategy based on your needs and budget. We will then manage this throughout its lifecycle changing campaigns and adverts based on what needs you have.